Why should I hire Gill’s Process Control?

Gill's Process Control has been in business since 1995 and has the experience to provide high qualitiy support for your projects. We are committed to providing trustworthy services and reliable support in a manner that will meet or exceed your expectations. 

How much does it cost to validate my equipment? 

Each project is different in scope, strategy and schedule. Gill’s Process Control can assist with determining each of these variables to establish a potential cost of your project. Please contact us for an estimate for your current or future projects. 

How does Gill’s Process Control provide support?

Projects can be supported with a time and material deliverables-based approach or can be supported with a temporary staff type solution. Our staff can provide support remotely or can join your team at your facility. Gill’s Process Control hourly rates are based on experience and are very competitive in today’s market place.  

What other services does Gill’s Process Control offer?

Gill’s Process Control can provide a variety of technical support. We can provide data collection, investigation, remediation, risk assessment, gap analysis, and project management services. 

What type of equipment is provided by Gill’s Process Control?

Gill’s Process Control does not provide calibrated equipment but relies on your calibrated test equipment when needed. In the event that your facility does not have the required calibrated test equipment, arrangements can be made with third party providers for the required equipment.